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Vision 2050 at CSD9 & Beyond

INFORSE’s "Vision 2050" was presented at one of the side-events of CSD9 together with sustainable energy indicators. The vision, as discussed in Sustainable Energy News 32, is to realise a worldwide transition to renewable energy by 2050 and to provide adequate energy services to all. It was received well by the audience. Some were interested in participating in the coming development of the vision and the related scenario. The plan now is to develop the vision and scenario further in cooperation with interested INFORSE members and other NGOs. The results of this effort should be ready for presentation at the time of Rio+10. INFORSE intends to present aggregated scenarios for developed countries and for developing countries, as well as national scenarios for selected countries.

At the side event, the vision was discussed in conjunction with a set of indicators for sustainable energy, developed by Helio-International. The event was well chaired by Fatma Denton from ENDA Energies, Senegal.

For information about Vision 2050, see:; about Helio’s indicators:

To participate in the development of Vision 2050, contact INFORSE, att. Michael Kvetny or Gunnar Boye Olesen.

World CO2 Emissions (MtC)/y, draft scenario, Vision 2050

Phase out of fossil fuels, emissions, and energy-related CO2 is an important part of Vision 2050.