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2. Near equivalents of withdrawn dyes

New dyestuffs are continually being introduced to the market whilst others are withdrawn. Consequently some of the materials described are no longer available. However, close equivalents of many withdrawn dyes are available from other manufacturers. These near equivalent dyes have different trade names but share the same Colour Index Generic Name (e.g. Cl Reactive Yellow 22).

In this Appendix sources of dyes with the same Generic Name as the withdrawn dyes mentioned in the handbook are listed: full addresses for the manufacturers are given in Appendix 3.

It is emphasised that none of these near equivalents have been investigated by the Tropical Development and Research Institute and it is not certain that their properties and behaviour are identical to those dyes investigated.

Safety note: Two dyes in Table G are based on the chemical benzidine. This chemical is a suspected carcinogen and its use is now restricted. The actual dyestuffs, although allegedly safe, should be treated with care to ensure that they do not contaminate the person, the atmosphere, or the work area. If they are used, the working area should be washed down frequently and the dyers should wear protective clothing, inclusive of face masks, and wash themselves thoroughly after handling the dyes (see Safety precautions and first aid treatment).

Figure Table G

Figure Table G (continued 1)

Figure Table G (continued 2)

Near equivalents of withdrawn dyes (available April 1982)