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This guide is part of the FCR/MCR (Fibre Concrete Roofing/Micro Concrete Roofing) toolkit series although not restricted to these roofing materials only, but valid for other light weight roofs also.

The history of FCR/MCR

The FCR/MCR technology was developed in the 1970s based on many years of experiences made with concrete tiles and asbestos cement sheets. During the 1980s it found applications in many countries all over the world. Today the technology is at a mature stage and experiences have shown that it offers a reliable roofing material which can compete in most cases with conventional roofing materials.

FCR/MCR Toolkit Series

The FCR/MCR Toolkit series impart the entire know-how that is required in the field of FCR/MCR technology, covering technical as well as economic, organisational, management and marketing aspects. The FCR/MCR Toolkits Overview shows the structure of its contents.

Roles of BASIN,


SKAT and ILO are co-publishers of the FCR/MCR Toolkit Series which this guide is one element.

BASIN SKAT is a member of BASIN (Building Advisory Service and Information Network), a coordinated network of experienced international professionals, which was established to provide qualified advice and information in the field of building materials and construction technologies.

The activities of BASIN are divided amongst four leading European, non-profit organisations in the field of appropriate technology viz. GTZ/GATE Germany, ITDG Britain, SKAT Switzerland, CRATerre France. Each of these organisations covers a separate specialised subject area, thus providing more qualified expertise with greater efficiency.


SKAT is an information and documentation centre and a consultancy group engaged in promoting and implementing appropriate technology in partner countries worldwide.


As a member of BASIN, SKAT specialises in roofing technology, particularly FCR/MCR technology. Within BASIN, SKAT established the Roofing Advisory Service (RAS). To facilitate the promotion and dissemination of roofing technologies, SKAT/RAS produce the “FCR/MCR Toolkit” series of which this “Roof Structure Guide” is one element.

Network of specialists

A worldwide network of specialists and specialised institutions provides technical support to new and existing producers of FCR/MCR. This helps to ensure the reliability and quality of the products in this growing market.

This FCR/MCR network is coordinated by SKAT/RAS.


A programme for the development, promotion and application of appropriate building technologies suitable for low-cost construction is currently being implemented by the Micro-enterprise and Informal Sector Section of the Entrepreneur ship and Management Development Branch of ILO.

The objectives of this programme are to minimise construction costs, maximise the use of locally-available raw materials and generate productive employment. The program also aims at developing small and micro-enterprises in this sector and at demonstrating their commercial viability. It makes use of an innovative approach whereby some of the activities are carried out in on-going technical cooperation projects for the development of small and micro-enterprises. These projects are executed by ILO or other agencies such as UNDP, as multilateral or bilateral projects. Various approaches are used by this programme: research and development, dissemination of technological information, advisory services to governments and implementation of technical assistance projects.

Contact address

This literature, as well as further information, is available from:
Roofing Advisory Service, c/o SKAT/RAS
Vadianstrasse 42
CH-9000 St. Gallen
Tel +41 (0)71 / 23 74 75
Fax +41 (0)71 / 23 75 45


Route des Morillions 4
CH-1211 Geneve
Tel +41 (0)22 / 799 61 11
Fax +41 (0)22 / 798 86 85


We would like to thank all the experts, technicians and producers who helped us with their valuable comments and remarks based on their wide experience. There are too many of them to name them individually.


Comments and feedback information are welcome and will help to further improve this guide. They may be sent to SKAT/RAS or ILO.