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INFORSE-Europe meeting 26 June '98

The 7th INFORSE-Europe meeting will be in hus on June 26, just following the Pan-European Environmental Ministers' Meeting, also in hus

Major issues will be participation in the global INFORSE Action Plan, INFORSE involvement in the future Pan-European discussion on energy conservation, east-west NGO cooperation, EU lobbying, and the new proposal on internet education in renewable energy. Each INFORSEEurope member will receive a separate invitation to the meeting. Participation is free, but there is no travel funding.

Join the Energy & Climate Group

The ECO-Forum Energy & Climate Group is open to all NGOs that would like to follow the European Energy Conservation Initiative and other energy activities of the Pan-European Environmental Ministers. The frst-draft energy conservation guideline was circulated in the beginning of February. After the country expert meeting on March 2-3, a new draft will be circulated. If you want to have a say in the development of this document, which is likely to guide future policy development in energy efficiency in Europe, it is time to join the group. Send a message to

Ministers & NGOs to discuss sustainable energy in June 98

For the first time, sustainable energy will be on the agenda of the Pan-European Environmental Ministers' Meeting, when they meet in hus on June 23-25. Among their many topics, they will discuss a European Energy Conservation Initiative, and maybe adopt a guideline for improved energy conservation. They might also discuss nuclear power. The present list of official and NGO events is:

· Saturday, June 20: Opening of NGO exhibition on environment, sustainable energy, etc.

· Sunday, June 20: ECO-Forum Meeting, open meeting of the environmental NGOs to set a final strategy for the ministers' meeting.

· Monday, June 22: Open expert-meeting on future energy conservation activities in Europe, organised by the Danish Energy Agency.

· Tuesday, June 23: Ministerial Conference.
Parallel INFORSE workshop of NGO activities for energy conservation and success stories of sustainable energy in Central and Eastern Europe.

· Wednesday, June 24: Ministerial Conference with NGO dialogue session on public participation in environmental decision-making.

· Thursday, June 25: Ministerial Conference.
Parallel INFORSE workshop on renewable-energy education package for email/internet use.

· Friday, June 26: INFORSE-Europe Meeting.

Sustainable-energy successes exhibited and documented

The more than 20 success stories with sustainable energy in Central and Eastern Europe that INFORSE-Europe has collected so far will be shown in an exhibition parallel to the hus '98 and printed in a publication that will be available before the event.

For each of the cases there will be a description of the technology, economy, and the circumstances it is used in, as well as its potential for wider use. In the publication there will be a special category of sustainable energy campaigns made by NGOs. A few good cases are already identified for this.

Contributions with additional cases to the publication and exhibition are very welcome. Expenses to describe the cases can be covered by the project.

For the NGO Exhibition, parallel to hus '98, the Danish Energy Information Offices (affiliated with OVE, Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy) will also make an exhibition on Danish and European experiences in sustainable energy

Contact: INFORSE-Europe, e-mail:

Help Protesting New Nuclear Development in Ukraine

The environmental impact analysis of the proposal to complete the two half built nuclear reactors in Ukraine is about to be finalized. Then, the EBRD must decide whether it will finance the two reactors in Khmelnitski and Rivne. It is important to protest before the decision is made, and NGOs in the CEE Bank Watch Network ask for your support for their protests. Gunnar Olesen has signed a protest on behalf of INFORSE-Europe.

Contact: CEE Bank Watch att. Petr Hlobil, e-mail:

EU proposals on renewable and cogeneration

The EU White Paper on Renewable Energy was released by the EU Commission late in November'97, calling for 12% of all energy production to come from renewable by 2010 (the current level is 6%), and proposing a number of measures. Among the proposals to reach the target are installation of 500,000 solar panels on public buildings, 10,000 MW of windpower, and 10,000 MW of biomass cogeneration.

Cogeneration activities are likely to increase, following the EU Commission's Communication that was presented to the energy ministers in December'98. It is proposed to double cogeneration by 2010 from the current level of 9% of electricity production.
Source: Demand, Dec '97

Energy Charter Treaty in Force

With 30 countries ratifying the Energy Charter Treaty, it will enter into force in April '98. A supplementary Treaty is now being negotiated to strengthen the original treaty, e.g., by specifying that ownership of privatised energy companies cannot be kept within a country by any regulation. The negotiations are still closed to NGOs.

Source: EClnform Energy