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close this bookSetting and Operation of Shaping Machines - Course: Techniques for machining of material. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 26 p.)
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6. Care and maintenance of shaping machines

Shaping machines, like all machine tools, are subject to permanent wear. This can be counteracted by careful handling and constant care and maintenance of the machines.

Note the following rules:

- The operating instructions are binding for the use and maintenance of the machine and have to be conscientiously observed.

- Before starting your daily work, lubricate all manual lubrication points according to the regulations. Poor lubrication results in premature wear.

The following basic rule applies for lubricating a machine:

Apply the specified lubricant in the specified quantity at the specified time to the respective lubricating point.

- Before starting the machine, check, whether all levers are in the correct position. Wrong lever positions may result in breakages.

- Protect all guideways against chips, scale, dirt and abrasion of any kind. Otherwise they will quickly wear. Inaccurate work would be the result. Pay special attention to the guideways of the ram.

- Provide unused parts of the guideways with protective means against impurities.

- Always keep perfect order at the workplace.

· Put clamping means and change gears always in the place provided for them.
· The tools required for work must lie on appropriate bases in a well arranged and handy manner.

- Clean the machine daily at the end of work.