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Other ILO publications

Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety. Fourth edition
Edited by Jeanne M. Stellman, PhD

Completely revised and greatly expanded, the new edition of the Encyclopaedia provides comprehensive and authoritative coverage of occupational health and safety. A new CD-ROM version provides the benefits of computer-assisted search capabilities. The Encyclopaedia consists of four printed volumes:

· Volume 1: The body, health care, management and policy, tools and approaches

· Volume 2: Psychosocial and organizational factors, hazards, the environment, accidents and safety

· Volume 3: Chemicals, industries and occupations

· Volume 4: Indexes by subject, author, chemical name; cross-reference guide and directory of contributors.

ISBN 92-2-109203-8 (4 bound volumes):

550 Swiss francs

ISBN 92-2-109818-4 (CD-ROM):

550 Swiss francs

ISBN 92-2-110403-6 (Set (printed volumes & CD-ROM)):

1,100 Swiss francs

Work organization and ergonomics, edited by Vittorio Di Martino and Nigel Corlett

This book shows how to use ergonomics and work organization to improve working conditions, increase productivity and enhance quality and performance. It draws together some of the basic changes being applied by enterprises worldwide, and explains briefly what they are and how others can benefit from them. It looks at practical aspects, where knowledge from research and applications of ergonomics have been used to match the work environment to the needs and characteristics of workers and processes. This has involved removing obstacles to the workers’ ability to work effectively and efficiently to produce high-quality output, and creating human-oriented and ergonomically sound environments. This will lead to major gains for workers and employers. The book is aimed at managers, supervisors, workers’ representatives, engineers, trainers and consultants, particularly those engaged in processes of transformation and innovation. The authors are international experts in engineering, ergonomics, social sciences and work organization.

ISBN 92-2-109518-5

25 Swiss francs

Protection of workers’ personal data: An ILO code of practice

Employers collect personal data on job applicants and workers for a number of purposes, and new ways of collecting and processing such data entail some new risks for workers. While various national laws and international standards have established binding procedures for processing personal data, there is a need to develop data protection provisions which specifically address workers’ personal data in order to safeguard the dignity of workers, protect their privacy and guarantee their fundamental right to determine who may use which data for what purposes and under what conditions. This book provides guidance on the protection of such data, covering general principles and specific provisions regarding collection, security, storage, use and communication. This code will be invaluable for the development of legislation, regulations, collective agreements, work rules, policies and practical measures at enterprise level.

ISBN 92-2-110329-3

15 Swiss francs

Management of alcohol- and drug-related issues in the workplace: An ILO code of practice

Abuse of drugs and alcohol may cause serious difficulties at work, including deterioration in job performance. It may be caused by a diverse range of personal, family, social or work situations, or a combination of such factors. Consequently this ILO code of practice, prepared by international experts on the subject, presents a variety of multidisciplinary approaches to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of alcohol- and drug-related problems in the workplace. Although experience has shown the difficulty of eliminating substance abuse, the workplace policies presented in this book to assist individual abusers are likely to yield constructive results for workers and employers alike.

ISBN 92-2-109455-3

15 Swiss francs

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