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close this bookWorking with Presses - Course: Mechanical woodworking techniques.Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 16 p.)
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1. The Purpose of Working with a Press

The working technique of pressing serves to produce various timber materials by gluing the separate parts of the material to compound material.

The working technique of pressing in its basic form is applied when manufacturing ply material in veneer technology and producing thick pieces of work from thin basic material. In order to manufacture high quality furniture and other interior decoration additional technical and technological measures have to be considered with this working technique. Veneer technology is one possibility of improving materials. Here you change the technical and visual features of the pieces of work.

To secure a high stability of the glued joint a forced feed between 0.1 MPa and 1.3 MPa is necessary. The manufacturing of large face pieces of work requires a great total pressing power which can be yielded only with special presses.

Different types of presses are applied with wood working:

Mechanical presses

The forced feed is produced by spindles (a spindle press). This press is mainly applied with the manufacturing of one-off parts furniture and structural elements. Mainly width face gluings are carried out with this press.

Pneumatic presses

The forced feed is produced with air pressure by a compressor. These presses are mainly produced as narrow face presses, frame presses or corpus presses.

Hydraulic presses

The forced feed is produced by oil pressure. With these presses a very high forced feed can be achieved. They are applied with the manufacturing of furniture parts in mass production by width face gluing.

In the present material the construction and technological application of a spindle press is described. With a spindle press there can be manufactured solid wood sheets, composition plates, frame elements and ply-wood. Wide face material can be glued up with veneer or similar materials.