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Appendix IV - Cards for good health concentration

Help People with AIDS

Keep your body and personal belongings clean

All parents should tell their children how to avoid getting AIDS

Illnesses can be prevented by boiling drinking water if it is not from a safe supply

Illnesses can be prevented by burning or burying household refuse

Communities should destroy mosquito larvae and prevent mosquitos from breeding

Illnesses can be prevented by washing with soap and water after contact with faeces and before handling food

Give support to people with AIDS

Participate in activities which promote love and commitment in the family

Medicines should not be used for diarrhoea except on medical advise

Young children should be protected from mosquito bites

Immunization protects against many dangerous diseases

Exercise daily and rest accordingly

Any injection with an unsterilized needle or syringe is dangerous

Immunization is urgent! Immunizations should be given in the child's first year

AIDS is dangerous a united effort can prevent it

A child with a cold needs to eat and drink plenty of liquids, be kept warm, and breathe clean non-smokey air

Avoid narcotics and all other temptations