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Readers comments are very welcome. Please address questions or comments to SKAT, CH-9000 St. Gallen


© 1987 by SKAT


Roland Stulz


A. Beamish/W. Donovan (BD), Faites-Le Haiti (FL), J.P.M. Parry (JP), H. Wehrli (HW), K. Rhyner (KR), B. Schaffner (BS)

Original edition:

Co-publication SKAT (Switzerland) - IT-Publications Ltd (United Kingdom), 1987, [1’000 copies]

ISBN: 3 908001 05 6

The members of the “FCR project group” who prepared this report are:

Karl Wehrle

Project management at SKAT

Roland Stulz

Editing and technical coordination

John Parry

Technical reference

Hans Erik Gram

Technical rationale

Kurt Rhyner

Evaluation of practical experiences

Beat Schaffner

Evaluation of practical experiences

Heinz Wehrli

Evaluation of practical experiences

It was possible to undertake this study thanks to the valuable support and provision of ideas and experiences by the following persons:

Werner Wirz, project manager at DEH, Switzerland
Hannah Schreckenbach of GATE, Germany
Carlos Lola of ATI, USA
Michael Parkes of ITDG, United Kingdom
Dr. W. Ohnemof Ametex AG (Eternit), Switzerland

We are also very thankful to the authors of the 20 questionnaires which have been answered. They provided us with extremely valuable data, facts and experiences. A list of the questionnaires is given in the appendix.

We thank the Swiss Development Cooperation (DEH) for the financial support to the FCR project.