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A Field-Programmable

Prototyping Board: XC4000 BORG

User's Guide

Pak K. Chan?

April 1994 (6/27/95 revised)

Board of Studies in Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 95064


The XC4000 BORG board is a PC-based prototyping board with two user" FPGAs, two routing" FPGAs, and a fifth FPGA which implements the glue logic for the PC bus. The BORG board is a reusable educational tool intended for a variety of classes; the BORG board, its toolset, and the reprogrammability of the FPGAs further reduce the time/cost of constructing prototypes using FPGAs. This report documents the design, implementation, and the use of BORG: A Field-Programmable Prototyping Board.

?Development of the XC4000 prototyping board is supported in part by National Science Foundation Grant MIP-9111607 and Xilinx Inc.