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CE 261: Lab #4 ImageVision Libraries Satellite Application Development, Part IIMay 25, 1995 2

3. Connected components, an algorithm for connected components is provided in Gonzalez and Woods, pages 42-43 [2]. A completely specified pseudo code connected component algorithm is provided in Haralick and Shapiro, pages 29-48 [3].

4. Decision vectors (Optional). Once you have done the connected components there are a variety of simple methods to separate them. How many pixels belong in a given component (area), what is the long axis of a component, the short axis, the ratio of long to short axes etc.

5. Illustration of components (Required). Show in the image the separate components, either with number labels overlaid on the original image, pseudo colors with a key, or a similar scheme to illustrate the effectiveness of your algorithm. An executable version of the program is to be placed in your home directory, along with a script which will run the program on the images of your choice. Please chmod a+rx your program and script.


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