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TRACS: Training and Research on Advanced Computing Systems

Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre

Training and Mobility of Researchers Programme of the CEC

Guidelines for Applicants


Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) has been selected as a Large Scale Facility under the Training and Mobility of Researchers Programme of the European Commission. The TMR Programme aims to increase the human resources available for research and technological development. The components of the Programme are Fellowships, Networks, Euroconferences and Large Scale Facilities. The Large Scale Facilities component, of which TRACS is a part, helps researchers gain access to existing facilities by providing travel and subsistence support for short-term visitors. TRACS is funded until July 1999.

TRACS visitors will usually be academic or industrial researchers working on non-proprietary research. TRACS normally supports visits lasting from one to three months. In exceptional circumstances, visits up to six months may be considered. Visits longer than six months may be supported by the Fellowships component of the Programme; further information and CEC Fellowship forms can be obtained from:

Commission of the European Community,
Training and Mobility of Researchers Programme,
Square de Meeus 8,
B1040 Brussels, Belgium.

Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC)

EPCC is an interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Edinburgh. Working with the University Computing Services, it hosts one of the most powerful concentrations of highperformance computers in the world. The Centre has an important programme of industrial research and development. Computers at the Centre include the following:

ffl Cray T3D: 512 DEC Alpha nodes; one of the most powerful computers in Europe.

ffl Cray J90: 10 cpu's.

ffl Connection Machine: 16K bit processors and 512 Weitek vector processors.

ffl a number of different generation Meiko Computing Surfaces.

ffl Sun and Silicon Graphics workstations: a development cluster supported by TRACS, with access to more than 50 Suns out of working hours.