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Roger W.H. Bons, Ronald M. Lee & Ren? W. Wagenaar

Erasmus University Research Institute for
Decision and Information Systems (EURIDIS) &
Rotterdam School of Management,
Dept. of Decision- and Information Sciences

Erasmus University Rotterdam
PO Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam, the Netherlands
tel. 31-10-4082601
email: <first initial>.<lastname>

Keywords: Electronic Commerce, Open-edi, Inter-organisational Systems, Electronic Performative Messages.


Although the developments in information and communication technology offer tremendous opportunities for companies to engage in open electronic commerce, some issues still need to be resolved. First, the necessity to establish a bi-lateral agreements before the first electronic message can be exchanged should be minimised. Second, it should be possible to exchange legally binding documents (performatives). Finally, the increased commercial risk introduced by trading with unknown partners should be covered as well. This paper presents how our research contributes to the work on Openedi and discusses some tentative research results to enable the exchange of electronic performative documents. Also, some directions towards the establishment of electronic documentary credit procedures are given. Finally, some conclusions are drawn and further research directions are given.

1. Introduction.

The current developments in information and communication technology, such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the massive growth of inter-company electronic networks (for example Internet) will offer tremendous new possibilities for international trade. The search costs for new trading partners are being decreased continuously, enabling companies to participate in global electronic trading. Especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) could benefit from these new opportunities.