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Using PVM at JCU-CS - CP5002 - 1996 - Bernard Mans

All the necessary files and examples are in

1 Machines

PVM is available on all Unix Machines of the Department of Computer Science (DEC-Ultrix, DEC-OSF/1, and SUN-OS) however since some of these machines are servers or already overused it is NOT allow to use them without previous authorisation.

You are supposed to run PVM only on the DEC-Ultrix workstations in the CS-003 laboratory (the list of machines available is in .xpvm_hosts) and on your office's workstation if you know there is no interference with others work. The CS-003 machines are free of access at any time, but there is no priority for CP5002 students unless specified.

2 Setting-up PVM

You first need to set up the correct environment (an example of a .cshrc file is in the Cp5002 PVM directory). To do this:

ffl Set up the pointer to the location of the installed PVM in your .cshrc file:

setenv PVM_ROOT /misc/pvm3 For PVM
setenv XPVM_ROOT /misc/xpvm For XPVM

ffl Set up the path correctly:

set path=($path $PVM_ROOT/lib $PVM_ROOT/bin/$PVM_ARCH)

ffl Set up the PVM_ARCH environment variable in your .cshrc file: