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A.I. Memo No. 1594 November, 1996

Direct methods for estimation of structure and

motion from three views

Gideon P. Stein and Amnon Shashua This publication can be retrieved by anonymous ftp to


We describe a new direct method for estimating structure and motion from image intensities of multiple views. We extend the direct methods of [7] to three views. Adding the third view enables us to solve for motion, and compute a dense depth map of the scene, directly from image spatio-temporal derivatives in a linear manner without first having to find point correspondences or compute optical flow.

We describe the advantages and limitations of this method which are then verified through simulation and experiments with real images.

Copyright c Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1996

This report describes research done at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Support for this research was provided in part by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense under Office of Naval Research contract N00014-94-01-0994. G.P.S. is supported by Alphatech/ DARPA Automatic Target Recognition" project 95009-5381 and TASC/ DARPA MSTAR Match Module" project J-08011-S95042. A.S. is supported by US-IS Binational Science Foundation 94-00120/2 and by the European ACTS project AC074 VANGUARD.