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Ronald M. Lee
Roger W.H. Bons

Erasmus University Research Institute for
Decision and Information Systems (EURIDIS)

Erasmus University Rotterdam
PO Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam, the Netherlands
tel. 31-10-4082601


Organizations engaging in electronic commerce typically are faced with high set-up costs for new electronic linkages due to the need for detailed bilateral agreements. This paper contributes to this problem in three ways by: 1) stipulating requirements on representation languages to be used for modeling trade procedures; 2) presenting a common graph-based representation language, Documentary Petri Nets, which satisfies these requirements; and 3) presenting a 'soft-coding' architecture and protocol for sharing and negotiating trade procedures. A modeling environment, Case/Open-edi, is demonstrated using a documentary credit procedure example to illustrate these three aspects. Finally, conclusions and directions for further research are given.