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Monday 7.30pmRed Lion InnLLoyd CenterwhenwherewhichYou are cordially invited to a meeting of the Modula-3 User Groupat OOPSLA'94, in Portland, OregonThis meeting is open to all, especially current users and others interested in learning more about Modula-3!The meeting will include presentations on what people are doing with Modula-3 in various organizations. Geoff Wyant of Sun Microsystems Laboratories will open the meeting and describe some of what his group has been doing with Modula-3. Luca Cardelli, of DEC Systems Research Center will talk about Obliq, a distributed scripting language built ontop of Modula-3. Eliot Moss, of University Of Massachusetts at Amherst talks about the history and status of UMass work on Modula-3 compilers. Farshad Nayeri of GTE Labs outlines his experience in building a distributed object system with Modula-3 over the past two years. Steve Freeman of Xerox Grenoble, tells how he added video capabilities to Trestle, a multi-threaded window system built using Modula-3. Mike?Spreitzer, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center will describe the Inter-Language Unification and its support for Modula-3. We also hope to cover a variety of topics about Modula-3 such as: ports to PC OSs (Win, OS/2, Mac), evangelizing, commercial use, academic and research use, commercialization, and using Modula-3 to build distributed applications.Modula-3 is a simple and modular programming language, providing facilities for exception handling, concurrency, object-oriented programming, automatic garbage collection, and systems programming, making it both a practical implementation language for large software projects and an excellent teaching language. An implementation of Modula-3 is available free of chargefrom Digital SystemsResearchCenter.Please join us! Organizers: Farshad Nayeri & Geoff Wyant