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ACM SIGCOMM ?106? Computer Communication ReviewBooks

Martin, J., Leben, J, DECnet Phase V: An OSI Imple? mentation, Digital Press, Bedford, MA., 1992.

Prinoth, R. (ed.), ISDN in OSI: a basis for Multimedia Applications, vde?verlag gmbh, Berlin, 1991.

Articles and Technical Reports


Schwartz, M.F., Tsirigotis P.G., ?Techniques for Sup? porting Wide Area Distributed Applications?, Depart? ment of Computer Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado,Technical Report CU?CS?519?91, August 1991 (Available by anonymous FTP from in the file
pub/cs/techreports/schwartz/RD.Papers/PostScript/Tec (compressed PostScript) or in the file
pub/cs/techreports/schwartz/RD.Papers/ASCII/Techni ques.Wide.Area.txt.Z (compressed ASCII).
Abstract: In this paper we present a number of tech? niques for supporting distributed applications that span many nodes across national or international networks. We focus particular attention on issues concerning scalability and administrative decentralization. Our ex? periences derive in large part from prototypes we have built in the context of research into resource discov? ery. However, many of these experiences are applica? ble to supporting any wide area distributed applica? tion. The techniques covered relate to fault tolerance, administrative decentralization, scalability, organiza? tion, controlling the spread of distributed operations, and user interface issues.

Zimmerman, D.P., ?Finger User Information Protocol; RFC 1288,? Internet Request for Comments, no. 1288, December 1991.

ATM/B?ISDN Networks

Biersack, E.W., ?A Simulation Study of Forward Er? ror Correction in ATM Networks,? Computer Commu? nication Review, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 36?47, ACM SIGCOMM, January 1992.

Caceres, R., ?Efficiency of ATM Networks in Trans? porting Wide?Area Data Traffic,? Tech. Rept. TR?91? 043, International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, CA, July 1991.
Abstract: For performance and economic reasons, ATM networks must efficiently support the Internet family of protocols. We compare the transmission effi? ciency achieved by a range of ATM?related protocols when transporting TCP and UDP wide?area traffic. We also calculate the efficiency effects of several non? standard compression techniques, and discuss how to implement these techniques cheaply. To assure an ac? curate workload characterization, we drive these cal? culations with millions of wide?area packet lengths measured on the current Internet. We find that net?

works using standard ATM procedures are inefficient in carrying wide?area data traffic ? depending on the protocols used, efficiency as seen by an application program ranges between 40 and 53%. Moreover, due to interaction between TCP?IP datagram lengths and ATM cell padding, efficiency responds abruptly to changes in certain protocol parameters ? for example, a 4?byte increase in ATM cell payload size can yield a 10% increase in efficiency. Using one compression technique in isolation can improve efficiency by 12%, and simultaneously using three techniques can im? prove it by 34%. These issues should be considered when designing future ATM networks.

Stassinopoulos, G.I., Venieris, I.S., ?ATM adaptation layer protocols for signalling,? Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 287?304, Janu? ary 1992.

Broadcast and Multicast

Armstrong, S.M., Freier, A.O., Marzullo, K.A., ?Multicast Transport Protocol; RFC 1301,? Internet Request for Comments, no. 1301, February 1992.

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Coding and Compression

Delp, E.J., Mitchell, O.R., ?Moment Preserving Quantization,? IEEE Trans. Communications, vol. 39, no. 11, pp. 1549?1558, November 1991.

Conformance/Interoperability Testing

Aho, A.V., Dahbura, A.T., Lee, D., Uyar, M., ?An Optimization Technique for Protocol Conformance Test Generation Based on UIO Sequences and Rural Chinese Postman Tours,? IEEE Trans. Communica? tions, vol. 39, no. 11, pp. 1604?1615, November 1991.

Congestion and Flow Control

Banerjea, A., and Keshav, S., ?Queuing Delays in Rate Controlled Networks?, Tech. Rept. TR?92?015, International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, CA, February 1992.
Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of finding the worst case end?to?end delay and buffer occupancy bounds in networks of rate?controlled, non?work con? serving servers. The calculations are based on a sim? ple fluid model, but care is taken so that the computed delay and buffer occupancy values are upper bounds on actual values. A simple algorithm is presented to perform these calculations in linear time. Simulation