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The NASA STI Program Office ... in Profile

Since its founding, NASA has been dedicated
to the advancement of aeronautics and space
science. The NASA Scientific and Technical
Information (STI) Program Office plays a key
part in helping NASA maintain this
important role.

The NASA STI Program Office is operated by
Langley Research Center, the lead center for
NASA's scientific and technical information.
The NASA STI Program Office provides
access to the NASA STI Database, the
largest collection of aeronautical and space
science STI in the world. The Program Office
is also NASA's institutional mechanism for
disseminating the results of its research and
development activities. These results are
published by NASA in the NASA STI Report
Series, which includes the following report

completed research or a major significant
phase of research that present the results
of NASA programs and include extensive
data or theoretical analysis. Includes
compilations of significant scientific and
technical data and information deemed
to be of continuing reference value. NASA
counter-part of peer-reviewed formal
professional papers, but having less
stringent limitations on manuscript
length and extent of graphic

Scientific and technical findings that are
preliminary or of specialized interest,
e.g., quick release reports, working
papers, and bibliographies that contain
minimal annotation. Does not contain
extensive analysis.

ffl CONTRACTOR REPORT. Scientific and
technical findings by NASA-sponsored
contractors and grantees.

Collected papers from scientific and
technical conferences, symposia,
seminars, or other meetings sponsored or
co-sponsored by NASA.

technical, or historical information from
NASA programs, projects, and missions,
often concerned with subjects having
substantial public interest.

ffl TECHNICAL TRANSLATION. Englishlanguage
translations of foreign scientific
and technical material pertinent to
NASA's mission.

Specialized services that help round out the
STI Program Office's diverse offerings include
creating custom thesauri, building customized
databases, organizing and publishing
research results. . . even providing videos.

For more information about the NASA STI
Program Office, see the following:

ffl Access the NASA STI Program Home
Page at

ffl E-mail your question via the Internet to

ffl Fax your question to the NASA Access
Help Desk at (301) 621{0134

ffl Phone the NASA Access Help Desk at
(301) 621{0390

ffl Write to:
NASA Access Help Desk
NASA Center for AeroSpace Information
800 Elkridge Landing Road
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090{2934