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Object Oriented Interoperability

Dimitri Konstantas

University of Geneva
Centre Universitaire d?Informatique
24 rue General-Dufour
CH-1211 Geneva 4

tel: +41 22 705.76.47
fax: +41 22 320.29.27

Object Oriented Interoperability is an extension and generalization of the Procedure Oriented Interoperability approaches taken in the past. It provides an interoperability support frame by considering the object as the basic interoperation unit. This way interoperation is based on higher level abstractions and it is independent of the specific interface through which a service is used. A prototype implementation demonstrates both the feasibility of the ideas and the related implementation issues.

Appeared in:

Proceedings of the Seventh European Conference on Object Oriented Programming (ECOOP 93), July 26-29 1993, Kaiserlautern, Germany.

Also in:

Visual Objects, ed. D. Tsichritzis, CUI, University of Geneva, 1993

This project was supported partially by the FNRS project Active and Multimedia Objects, (Porject number 20.23l703.92) of the Swiss Federal Government, and partially by the ESPRIT project ITHACA-2 (Project Number 2705)