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Date: November 30, 1995 Version PDTR 1.1



Project JTC1.21.57
DATE: November, 1995


Open Systems Interconnection, data management and

Open Distributed Processing

Secretariat: USA (ANSI)

Title: Information Technology ? Quality of Service ? Guide to Methods and Mechanisms ? Proposed Draft Technical Report
Source: Collaborative ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21 & ITU-T SG7 Interim Meeting on QoS, Kobe, Nov. 1995 Project: JTC1.21.57/ITU-T Q19/7 & Q2/7
Status: Proposed Draft Technical Report
The objective of this Technical Report is to provide information and guidance on current and proposed approaches to QoS in a wide variety of areas of specification. It includes references to standards, other specifications and on-going work related to QoS as well as definitions of a number of widely-used QoS mechanisms. It is hoped that the references and definitions will be useful for those specifying QoS-enhanced systems and will also serve as the basis for identifying further commonalities. The iterative process for developing QoS methods and mechanisms is described in the introduction to this Technical Report. Further contributions of references or areas of relevant work are solicited.
Required Action: For ballot by National Bodies
Distribution: National Bodies and Liaison Organizations