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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21/Nxxxx (K11)

Project JTC1.21.57
DATE: November, 1995


Open Systems Interconnection, data management and

Open Distributed Processing

Secretariat: USA (ANSI)

Title: Quality of Service Interim Meeting Report
Source: Collaborative ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21 & ITU-T SG7 Interim Meeting on QoS, Kobe, Nov. 1995
Project: JTC1.21.57/ITU-T Q19/7 & Q2/7
Status: Meeting output
Required Action: For information
Distribution: NBLOs
Summary: The QoS Methods and Mechanisms text (K10) was developed to PDTR and is circulated for NBLO ballot in time for input to an Editing Meeting expected to be
held in late 1996.
Informal discussion during the Interim Meeting on the proposed New Question on
QoS in ODP (SC21/WG7/N1034) generated useful guidance information for NBLO
responses and this material is included here (Appendix D, also published as
Improvements to the Methods and Mechanisms document have (limited) editorial
impact on the QoS Framework CD. NBLOs are requested to consider proposals for
revising the QoS FW in their ballot comments, due 15 February 1996.