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University of Leeds



Report 93.31

Bus Driver Scheduling - An Overview??


Anthony Wren & Jean-Marc Rousseau*

Division of Operational Research and Information Systems

July 1993

*Centre de Recherche sur les Transports, Universite de Montreal, Quebec,


??Presented at the VIth International Workshop on Computer Aided Scheduling

of Public Transport, Lisbon, Portugal, 6-9th July 1993.


In this paper, the problem of bus driver scheduling is introduced, and some of the constraints and conditions existing in different user environments are presented. The way in which such conditions may affect solution methods is discussed.

The development of driver scheduling by computer through the five prevous Workshops is presented, and the range of solution methods as evidenced by published papers is summarised. Particular attention is paid to the work presented at the later workshops, but papers published elsewhere are also introduced, and the authors draw on their own knowledge to augment the published material.


In this paper we present a survey of computer approaches to transit driver scheduling, with particular emphasis on the state of the art as it existed at the time of the Montreal Workshop on Computer-Aided Scheduling of Public Transport in 1990 [5]. We start by outlining the driver scheduling problem and its variants. We then classify solution methods, and outline a wide range of reported work in the field. We conclude by speculating on future developments.

The paper relies heavily on presentations made at the five international Workshops [1,2,3,4,5] held from 1975, and draws also on other published material and on the authors' own knowledge. Most papers which relate to driver scheduling and were presented at the Workshops are listed in the References under the main heading for the relevant Workshop, even if they are not explicitly mentioned here. The papers for the first Workshop exist in preprint form only, but are listed, while some of the presentations at the fourth and fifth Workshops were not included in the proceedings and are not listed here.