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2.15 BPM notation from Morishita and Namao (1986). 2.16 An example DEWLAP visualization adapted from Dewar and Cleary (1986).
2.17 An example CODA session adapted from Plummer (1988).

Chapter 3

Figure Description 3.1 Type declaration showing inter-dependency from Green (1989). 3.2 Discourse model from Taylor (1988). 3.3 Program showing single pointer misconception. 3.4 Program showing one pointer per predicate misconception. 3.5 List termination example. 3.6 Termination by identification. 3.7 Termination using a counter. 3.8 Program showing the list recursion technique from Brna et al (1991).

Chapter 4

Figure Description 4.1 A summary of studies evaluating the effectiveness of different display characteristics for CBI applications. 4.2 Summary of studies into the effect of SV or notation on program comprehension. 4.3 Number of students understanding the bug at each stage. 4.4 A model of the role of SV within programming. 4.5 Types of description used in the analysis of program comprehension and debugging.

Chapter 5

Figure Description 5.1 Program showing the retractall bug from Dodd (19xx).