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List of Figures

Chapter 1

Figure Description 1.1 The Prolog grandparent program (adapted from Bratko, 1986). 1.2 PTP trace of the query grandparent(X, Z). 1.3 TPM coarse-grained (left) and fine-grained (right) views of the query grandparent(X, Z).

Chapter 2

Figure Description 2.1 Map of the systems covered. 2.2 Snapshot of the PECAN system from Reiss (1985). 2.3 BALSA showing a bar chart animation of the selection sort algorithm. 2.4 The TANGO framework from Stasko (1989). 2.5 Using the DANCE algorithm demonstration environment to create an animation from Hudson and Stasko (1993). 2.6 The Viz architecture from Domingue (1994). 2.7 TRI taken from Domingue (1993). 2.8 A ZEUS animation of the binpacking algorithm. 2.9 The PAVANE animation construction methodology taken from Roman (1992).
2.10 TreeViz visualization adapted from Johnson (1992). 2.11 A series of images taken from a ZEUS-3D animation of a heapsort algorithm. 2.12 A POLKA 3D representation of a quicksort algorithm from Stasko and Kreamer (1992). 2.13 An overview of software visualization taxonomies 2.14 The APT tracer adapted from Rajan (1990).