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close this bookAfrican Journals - An Evaluation of the Use of African-published Journals in African Universities Evaluating Impact - Education Research Paper No. 36 (DFID, 1999, 63 p.)
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To African University Librarians

· promote library holdings of African-published journals:

- take out subscriptions and ensure that there is a good balance between foreign and African titles and between those published locally and in other African countries;

- hold exhibitions of African-published journals;

- circulate tables of contents of new issues and offer selective dissemination of journal articles to academic staff;

- encourage the use of journal collections, by providing publicly-available holdings lists of journals by title, subject and country of publication and by ensuring ease of access through the immediate display of new issues and the regular and accurate shelving of previous issues.

· promote knowledge of African-published journals:

- train academic staff and students in the tools which identify titles of journals and articles within the journals;

- for students, include such training in orientation programmes;

- for academic staff, offer training on a one-to-one basis.

· advise and assist in the creation of tools for the indexing and abstracting of African-published journals and assist in pressing for their inclusion in international indexing and abstracting databases.

· monitor usage of journals in the library, so as to know which are used and which might be discontinued or withdrawn and in what areas further marketing is required.

· recognize that academic staff acquire journals and journal articles from many different sources, not just from the university library, and undertake co-ordination of these sources within the university so as to ensure maximum access and availability, e.g. by assisting in the organization of departmental libraries; by including the holdings of departmental libraries in journal holdings list.