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Planning for the Future

From the above discussion of marine fisheries projects, and given the current Peace Corps emphasis on basic human needs, future effort in the marine fisheries area appears to have the most promise in small scale, village-level marine fisheries development programs. Geared towards assisting the artisanal fishermen of coastal areas, such programs would involve volunteers in all aspects of fisheries development including applied fisheries research. To provide a guide for Peace Corps planners, programmers, and trainers this chapter includes the following detailed task; analysis for village level marine fisheries development programs. The task analysis breaks down the tasks that volunteers in such programs would be expected to perform to fulfill the objectives of individual countries and the Peace Corps. It also outlines an inventory of skills around which Peace Corps hoses to develop skill training models in tile 1980's, All marine fisheries development workers should be able to perform some combination of the following tasks depending upon their skill training, education, experience, their assignment, the country's development goals, and the status of artisanal fishing in their area. Other tasks may be added as needed that are specific to the particular host country under consideration and to the training needs of individual volunteers.