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Sustainable Energy News

Published by: INforSE

P.O. Box 2059, DK - 1013 Copenhagen K in cooperation with

OVE - The Danish Organization for Renewable Energy

Willemoesgade 14

DK-2100 Kobenhavn 0, Denmark Ph: +45-3142 9091, fax: +45-3142 9095



Ann Vikkelso, OVE

Gunnar Boye Olesen, OVE

Rene Karottki, Forum for Energy and Development

Technical Editor: Lars Yde, Folkecenter for Renewable Energy P.O.Box 208, DK-7760 Hurup Thy Ph: +45-9795 6600, Fax: +45-9795 6565

Deadline for next issue: 28.2.94

Next issue: March 1994

The newsletter is quarterly. Contributions are welcomed. Feel free to use the information you find in Sustainable Energy News.

Annual subscription rate: US$ 15 Sustainable Energy News will be distributed free of charge to NGOs as long as possible.

Supported by: Forum for Energy and Development.


International Network for Sustainable Energy is a worldwide NGO network formed at Global Forum in Rio, June 1992.

Regional Contacts:

Stephen Karekezi, FOOD, Kenya Youba Sokona, ENDA, Senegal Raymond Myles, AFPRO, India Benjamin Gertes, Philippines

Emil Bedi, FAE - SZOPK, Slovakia Gunnar Olesen, OVE, Denmark Martin Prieto, REDES, Uruguay Emilio Rovere, IED, Brazil

Nancy Hirsh, ECC, USA


Write to Sustainable Energy News

Successes and failures of sustainable energy developments, strategies, dissemination projects, new developments of marketable technologies, political efforts on the sustainable energy scene, NGO-activities for sustainable energy. Sustainable Energy News welcomes input on all these subjects, from news about small NGOs up to evaluations of the latest World Bank financed projects.

We prefer contributions of 1/2 - 1 page A4 to keep the publication as a newsletter; but longer articles can also be used. Illustrations to the articles are very welcomed. Costs related to accepted articles can be covered upon request.

Sustainable Energy News is printed in 1800 copies of which 1100 are distributed via mail, while the rest is used by the INforSE coordinators at seminars etc.

This issue includes Sustainable Energy Contact List - Europe. For European readers and those having interest in European affairs the coming issues will contain Sustainable Energy News - Europe.