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close this book Sustainable Energy News - No. 4 March 1994
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After UNCED'93, Proposals for Sustainable Energy Development

A review of energy reports and activities related to the Earth Summit. Analysis of policy measures. Proposals for an Energy Section of an Earth Charter and Action Program, new UN Sustainable Energy Agency, etc.

J. Szoleczky,, Energy Group, Physics Dep., Technical University of Denmark, DK-2800 Lyngby, fax: +45 45 931669, 113 pages, USD 15, 1994.

Power Failure - A Review of the World Bank's Implementation of its New Energy Policy.

EDF, 257 Park Ave. South, New York, NY10010. 76 pages, USD 10, 1994.

WB and IMF information pack

Third World First, 217 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1XG, UK. Tel: +44-865245678; fax: +44865-200179.

A New Power Base: Renewable Energy Policies for the Nineties and Beyond

Kozloff, WRI Publications P.O. Box 4852, Hampden St, Baltimore, MD 21211, USA.196 p. USD 29.95,1993.

Integrated Resource Planning, Making electricity work in Europe

Prepared for Greenpeace International. Woolf, The Assoc. for the Conservation of Energy, 9 Sherlock Mews, London W1M 3RH, UK. 155 p. 1993.

European Directory of Energy Efficient Building, 1994

James & James Science Publ.,5 Castle Rd, London NW1 8PR. ph: +44-71Z843833, fax: +44-71-2843737.344 p.

Independent NGO Evaluations of National Plans for Climate Change Mitigation

First Review, Co-ordinated by Climate Action Network. CNE, rue de Taciturne 46, B-1040 Brussels, Feb. 1994.

Elfin News Electric Utility Production Cost & Financial Model, Computer Progr. EDF, Rockridge Market Hall, 5655 College Av., Oakland, CA 94618 USA. Ph: +1510-6588008, fax: +1-510-6580630.


Hot Line

US Climate Action Network, 1350 New York Ave. NW #300, Washington DC 20005 USA, fax:+l-202-7835917.

UN Climate Change Bulletin

Quarterly. Information Unit on Climate Change (IUCC), UNEP, CP 256, 1219 Chatelaine, Switzerland.

VATIS, Value-Added Technology Information Service

Update on Non-Conventional Energy, Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology, Adjoining Technology Bhawan, P.O. Box 4575, New Delhi 110016, India.