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Safety precautions

Chemicals (dyes, dyeing assistants, wetting and penetrating agents, after-treating agents, etc.) can cause severe burns and may irritate the eyes, respiratory system and skin. Some chemicals are poisonous when swallowed or absorbed through the skin or mouth.

Accidents can usually be prevented by maintaining a clean and tidy working area, wearing protective clothing (aprons or overalls, gloves, facemasks, goggles) and always taking safety precautions. Instructors should stress these points at every opportunity.

If chemicals must be used, the following precautions must be observed:

1. Avoid contact with the chemical. Always wear protective clothing.

2. Avoid breathing the dust or vapour. Always wear facemasks. Use narrow-mouthed beakers, jars or bottles whenever possible. Pour or spoon carefully.

3. Avoid using concentrated solutions whenever possible.

4. Avoid handling large containers of chemicals whenever possible. Transfer some of the chemical to a smaller container-accurate pouring or spooning is then much easier and safer.

5. Always wipe up spillages immediately and rinse the cloth thoroughly.

6. Always wash all utensils thoroughly after use.

7. Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after using any chemicals.