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Tools for the job

Smallholder farmers continually face the challenge of balancing the merits of newl methods against their traditional practices. The pressures of population grows' and land appropriation have diminished farm size. Smaller amounts of land are now required to produce more food in order to meet the cash economy needs of the small holder farmer, as well as those of the community and the nation.

When time is of the essence, because most of it is spent on sheer survival, there is little time to spend selecting the most appropriate tool for a job, finding out whether there is a better alternative than that current!, used, or discovering the best solution to c new problem. But farmers need not reinvent the wheel each time a new set of challenges or problems arises: there is help at hand.

Tools for agriculture - a guide to appropriate equipment for smallholder farmers offers invaluable information on small scale farming equipment, not just for small holder farmers themselves, but for all those involved with small-scale farming activities First produced by Intermediate Technology in 1967 as Tools for progress and then updated as Tools for agriculture in 1973, this comprehensively revised and updated fourth edition has been produced from a new computer database compiled jointly with the Groupe de recherche et d'echanges technologiques (GRET) and with financial support from CTA. GRET are coordinating the production of the French language edition using the same database as a source.

The information in the guide has been selected from more than 1200 manufacturers in over 90 countries. Each of the ten sections of the book begins with a review of a farming practice by a subject specialist who outlines the available tools and machines, and advises on the factors to weigh up when making a choice. The text is clearly illustrated with photographs, line drawings and tables. At the end of each section, hand tool manufacturers are listed by country. The heavier implements and machinery are individually illustrated in a box with a photograph or line drawing, plus a short descriptive text and details of manufacturers. There is a further section at the back of the book on technical institutes listed by country, a manufacturers index also listed by country, as well as an equipment index.

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