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Time of tuber harvest

192. You have learned in Booklet No. 16 how to grow sweet potatoes.

193. In the humid tropics, sweet potatoes can be grown throughout most of the year. You can plant and grow them at any time of the year.

194. The age at which sweet potatoes should be harvested is determined by the type of cultivar. Some cultivars can be harvested 90 days after planting. Other cultivars may require as long as 350 days.

195. In many countries, tubers are usually harvested progressively as they develop and as they are needed.

196. As with cassava, ground storage can be used for sweet potatoes. For example, 90- day cultivars can be left underground for another 45 days after maturing.

197. The time for harvesting is also determined by the weather and pest problems in the area.

198. If heavy rains are expected, you must uproot the tubers early. Otherwise they will rot. If insect pests are a problem, you must harvest the tubers before damage becomes severe.