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close this bookGATE - 1985/4 - Renewable Energy - Biogas (GTZ GATE, 1985, 56 p.)
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Appropriate Technology Biogas

GATE Publications on Biogas

Biogas Plants

Simple biogas plants have been constructed in Third World Countries for about thirty years. Good and bad solutions are featured side by side without comment in articles and books. The same mistakes are repeated over and over again. This needs not to be the case. The designer of a biogas plant must be able to distinguish between valid and invalid solutions. This book is intended to help him in this respect.

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German Version

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Spanish Version

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The Purification of Biogas

This review attempts to set out the procedures for removing hydrogen sulphide from biogas. Only an optimally applied purification agent can ensure a long life for the gas user, particularly engines, and avoid unnecessary repairs and maintenance on the plant equipment.

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German Version
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French Version

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Spanish Version

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Further Literature on the Subject of Biogas

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