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close this bookAgricultural Development and Vector-Borne Diseases (FAO - HABITAT - UNEP - WHO, 1996, 91 p.)
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View the documentH.1 Water buffaloes in rice fields, Tamil Nadu, India
View the documentH.2 Household suffering from visceral leishmaniasis. North India
View the documentH.3 Use of rice fields as pasture land between cropping cycles, USA
View the documentH.4 Hoof prints in pasture lands providing breeding sites for floodwater mosquitoes, USA
View the documentH.5 Egrets in an irrigated rice field

H.5 Egrets in an irrigated rice field

Slide H.5 Egrets in an irrigated rice field

Egrets and other birds can be reservoirs of viruses and transport them over large distances. Some ecologists have speculated that with global climate change, migratory birds may change their routes and may introduce arboviral infection in areas where they now do not occur.