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close this bookAgricultural Expansion and Pioneer Settlements in the Humid Tropics (UNU, 1988, 305 pages)
close this folder16. Organized settlement on the Amazon frontier: The Caquetá project in Colombia
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Environmental effects

Although it seems that the project provided an alternative to deter forest clearing on a single farm basis, it is also clear that the aggregate area of forest cut, undoubtedly accelerated by the project, has had a greater environmental impact on the 1.8 million hectares, as evidenced by an unprecedented series of droughts and floods, the reduction by half of the navigation period of the area's main rivers, and the virtual disappearance, if not extinction, of some species of fauna.

These effects have had a negative economic impact on the region, especially on the poorer settlers, and, according to both community leaders and some government officials, "the area is showing some signs of desertification."