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close this bookGATE - 1985/04 - Renewable Energy - Biogas (GTZ GATE Magazine, 1985)
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Dear Readers,

Starting in 1980 the GATE biogas extension programme was first regarded sceptically and, due to its unorthodox approach, there were doubts about its efficiency. However, those involved in carrying out the project succeeded with patience, persistence and inventiveness in finding ways of using biogas installations that were reasonably economical and an appropriate technical solution. These projects have now developed to today's standards and have met with the approval of managing directors and ministers.

Our R+D results, i. e. a number of acceptable dissemination programmes, have even attracted the attention of several regional departments of the Federal Ministery of Economic Cooperation (BMZ) to a project previously supported only by the sectorial department for questions of energy. We are really pleased that parts of the sectorial programme have developed or are going to develop into autonomous projects of the regional departments. The biogas project in Burundi may be regarded as an example of this.

We thus reached the end of a phase where various procedures for disseminating biogas technology were elaborated and tested in a dialogue with partners from several developing countries. We are now entering the next phase where biogas technology will be further disseminated as a result of its application by interested partners and also because of the increasing interest shown by the regionsal departments.

I would recommend all those who want to learn more about biogas and our work in this technology sector to read the following pages of this issue of "gate". All those who want to find out more about the R+D activities of GATE should get in touch with us.

Hans-Stephan Peterlowitz