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close this bookAnimal Husbandry - Initial Environmental Assessment Series No. 2 (NORAD, 1994)
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close this folder1 Characteristics of animal husbandry projects
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close this folder2 The environment affected by the project
View the document2.1 The ecology of animal husbandry
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close this folder3 Possible environmental impacts
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View the document3.1 Overgrazing and soil erosion
View the document3.2 Pollution of air, soil and water
View the document3.3 Special impacts of livestock-based industries and transportation
View the document3.4 Loss of valuable genes
View the document3.5 Infection pressure and diseases, and impacts of medication
View the document3.6 Other ecological impacts, and consequences for landscapes
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close this folderPart II: Documentation requirements for initial assessment of animal husbandry projects
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