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close this bookIn Place of the Forest: Environmental and Socio-economic Transformation in Borneo and the Eastern Malay Peninsula (UNU, 1990, 310 pages)
View the documentNote from the editors
View the documentAbbreviations and glossary
close this folderIntroduction and acknowledgements
View the documentA thematic book that is also a regional book
View the documentThe plan of the book
View the documentExplanation and acknowledgements
close this folderPart 1 : Background and the course of events
close this folderBorneo and the Peninsula, and their environment
View the documentPlace and people
View the documentThe biophysical environment
View the documentClimatic variability
close this folderTransformation of the land before the recent period
View the documentA not remote past
View the documentThe impact of early mining
View the documentThe first major phase of transformation
View the documentEnvironmental consequences of the first development wave
View the documentConclusion
close this folderChange since World War II
View the documentThe background of modern economic transformation
View the documentNew Order and New Economic Policy
View the documentEnergy exports and production
View the documentMinerals, industry, and the cities
View the documentAgriculture and land settlement
View the documentDeforestation and timber extraction
close this folderPart 2 : Issues of endangerment and criticality
close this folderForest clearance and loss of biodiversity
View the documentThe issues
View the documentConsequences for the forest and its environment
View the documentThe case of the Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan
View the documentDeforestation and crop gene-pools
View the documentConclusion: Conservation areas
close this folderForest clearance and life-support capacity
View the documentIntroduction
View the documentForest clearance and erosion
View the documentLife support and deforestation
View the documentSustainability of timber extraction and the timber-using industry
View the documentConflict of interest and the prospect for change
View the documentConclusions
close this folderThe forest people: Endangerment or criticality?
View the documentThe issues
View the documentDeconstructing shifting cultivation
View the documentDifferent ways of farming the forests
View the documentForest dwellers under forces of change
View the documentLand and forest at risk?
View the documentThe future
View the documentCriticality, or crisis of adaptation?
close this folderDeforestation and global climate
View the documentThe issue as presented: Criticality of global concern
View the documentResearch on carbon dioxide emissions from tropical deforestation
View the documentLonger-term considerations
View the documentThe place of the Borneo and Peninsular forests in the management of greenhouse gas emissions
close this folderDrought and fire: Hazards leading toward endangerment
View the document(introduction...)
View the documentDroughts, fires, and El Niño
View the documentGreater detail on El Niño-induced droughts in Borneo
View the documentConclusions
close this folderStudies in the grasslands of Borneo
View the documentIntroduction
View the documentImperata - A problem or a solution?
View the documentThe occurrence of Imperata cylindrica in Borneo
View the documentThe Riam Kiwa and the Ela Hulu: Contrasts and similarities in study sites
View the documentConclusion
close this folderUrban development and social welfare
View the document(introduction...)
View the documentLevels of urbanization
View the documentThe major urban centres of Borneo
View the documentPoverty and social welfare
View the documentConclusion
close this folderReview and conclusions
View the documentIntroduction
View the documentEnvironmental changes and impacts
View the documentThe human driving forces
View the documentVulnerability
View the documentSocietal response
View the documentTrajectories and regional dynamics change
close this folderAppendix : A discussion of environmental and PROCEZ criticality
View the documentForms of criticality
View the documentEnvironmental criticality
View the documentImplications of PROCEZ criticality
View the documentEndangerment, criticality, and this case-study
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