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close this bookSustainable Energy News - No. 20 - Newsletter for International Network for Sustainable Energy -Theme: International Development Financing - New INFORSE Action Plan (INFORSE, 1998, 32 pages)
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View the documentEditorial - Where can we make a difference?
close this folderINFORSE
View the documentNew INFORSE action plan
View the documentEU funds for development
close this folderFinancing theme
View the document(introduction...)
View the documentDevelopment banks & energy
View the documentWorld bank support for sustainable energy in Sri Lanka
View the documentESCO concept finds its way in eastern Europe
View the documentWB solar Initiatives
View the documentIDB's first loan for energy efficiency
View the documentPrivate funds' initiatives
View the documentUNDP-GEF-New trend supports micro hydro
View the documentUnsustainable WB
close this folderAfrica
View the documentEight years of solar home systems
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View the documentINFORSE-Europe meeting 26 June '98
View the documentSustainable-energy successes exhibited and documented
View the documentMinisters & NGOs to discuss sustainable energy in June 98
View the documentEU proposals on renewables and cogeneration
close this folderAsia
View the documentDemand-side management (DSM) in Thailand
View the documentElectric efficiency program in India helps utility and its customers
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View the documentMajor step at the first INFORSE workshop in Argentina
View the documentOff - grid electricity to 1.4 mill. argentineans
View the documentReferendum victory for environmentalists...
View the document1 Million solar roofs in USA
View the document10 Steps in Colorado
close this folderTehnical Articles
View the documentStraw bale houses for Chernobyl settlers
View the documentNew low-energy greenhouse concept
close this folderPublications on financing
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View the documentBanks & bank watchers on the WEB
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close this folderSustainable energy contacts Europe
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View the documentAzerbaidzhan (CIS)
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Associacao Juvenil Ambientalista AJA
Emvironmental Youth Association.
NGO. Env. edu., promotion of RE.
Tapada Do Mocho, Rua Joaquim
Quirino 16-4 ESQ,
2780 Paco de Arcos
Att. Suraje Xembu Rauto Dessai
Ph: +351-1-4421580
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Associacio de Defesa do Patrimonio
Cultural e Ambiental ALMARGEM
Local. NGO. Ecological assoc. in Algarve.
Env. ecu. in schools, local resources, RE.
Bi-monthly newsletter in Portugese.
Alto de Sao Domingos 14,
Apartado 251, 8100 Loule
Att. Joao Santos
Ph: +351-89-412959
Fax: +351-89412959

Centro para a Conservacao de Energia
Centre for Energy Conservation. GO.
Techn. transfer supporting infrastructure
to promote RE & EE. Created by the
Portugese Ministry of Industry.
Estrada de Alfragide, Praceta 1, 2720 Alfragide
Att. Luis Silva, Mr
Ph: +351-1-4718210
Fax: +351-1-4711316

Nat. NGO. Env. incl. energy policy, RE. energy efficiency.
Travessa do Moinho, de Vento, 17 C/v D1a, 1200 Lisboa
Att. Margarida Braga
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Fax: +351-1-3955316

Going Green
Oikos, Rua Santiago, 9, 1100 Lisboa
Att. Nicole Moler
Ph: +351-1-886-6134
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In Loco
Loval development projects in
Algarve province. RE,
solar systems (drying). Publishes "A Rede".
R. Actor Nascimento Fernandez, 263, 8000 Faro
Att. Alfredo Franco
Ph: +351-89-25063
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