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close this bookSustainable Energy News - No. 20 - Newsletter for International Network for Sustainable Energy -Theme: International Development Financing - New INFORSE Action Plan (INFORSE, 1998, 32 pages)
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Ecobaltic Foundation, Polish Wind
Energy Assiociation
NGO. Strategies for implementing
RE, training courses, wind energy info service,
studies, windpower producers in Poland.
Core member of INFORSE. Ul. Krzywoustego 47,80-360 Gdansk
Att. Maciej Bartmanski
Ph: +4858-520168
Fax: +48-58-520168

Green Federation, Szczecin
Publish Northern Light, Energy, KU, traffic.
ul. Kolumba 86-89/105, 70-035 Szczecin
Att. Tomasz Perkowski
Ph: +48-91-330-266
Fax: +48-91-330-266

Information Center for
Air Protection PKE-ICAP
Nat. NGO. An agency of the
Polish Ecological Club, RE,
energy saving, public info service on env. & energy.
Mlynska 21/23, 40-092 Katowice
Att. Alexandra Chodasewicz
Ph: +48-32253-0363
Fax: +48-32-253-0364

Polish Ecological Club PKE
Nat. NGO. National Board. MO: FoE.
Core member of INFORSE.
ul. Pitsudskiego 8, II piqtro, 31-109 Krakow
Att. Janusz Mikula
Ph: +48-12-221033
Fax: +48-12-343716

Polish Foundation for Energy
Efficiency FEWE
NGO. Energy policy, audits,
production, utilization of energy systems,
market analysis, org. workshops, joint ventures.
ul. Florianska 55, 2nd floor, No.4, 31-019 Krakow
Att. Adam Gula, prof
Ph: +48-12-213989 and 213070
Fax: +48-12-332613