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close this bookSustainable Energy News - No. 20 - Newsletter for International Network for Sustainable Energy -Theme: International Development Financing - New INFORSE Action Plan (INFORSE, 1998, 32 pages)
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Byelorussia (CIS)

Nat. NGO. Sustainable energy info service. Associate member of INFORSE.
Po Box. 6, 212011 Mogilev
Att. Leonid Plotkin
Ph: +375-222-317026

Belorussian Division of International Academy of Ecology, BD-IAE
NGO of env. scientists and builders.
Zero Energy houses, sust. dev. RE.
Core member of INFORSE.
ul. V. Khorujei 31-A office 421,
Minsk 220002
Att. Evgeniy Shirokov, dr.
Ph: +375-17-234-75-27
Fax: +375-17-2347527/17-2209644

Nat. NGO. RE, education, ecology, passive solar bldg., permaculture. prospect F. Skariny 76-18, 220012 Minsk
Att. Irina Soukhi
Ph: +375-17-232-4544
Fax: +375-17-232-4544

Institute of Power Engineering Problems
Nat. GO. Energy planning, energy saving policy, RE, biomass, gasification process.
Academy of Sciences of Belarus,
Sosny, 220109 Minsk
Att. Mikhalevich Alexander A.
Ph: +375-172-260698
Fax: +375-172-467055

Int. Sakharov Institute of Radioecology Laboratory of New Educational Technology ISIR
Academic research, training in sustainable energy, env. subjects.
23 Dolgobrodskaya Str,
220009 Minsk
Att. Vadim Zelenkov
Ph: +375-17-2306292
Fax: +375-17-2306897

Scientific Engineering Centre, Belarusian Academy of Science
NGO. R&D. Dev., introduction of RE, energy savings.
Nontraditional Energy Sources, & Energy Savings, Box 38, Sosny
220109 Minsk
Att. Vasili Ermashkevich
Ph: +375-172-467418/-467827
Fax: +375-172-306897

Vitebsk Foundation of Youth
Local. NGO. Int. youth voluntary camp, youth exchange, ecological seminars.
Post box 75, 210029 Vitebsk
Att. Eugene Weiler
Ph: +375-212-373163
Fax: +375-212-377422