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close this bookSustainable Energy News - No. 21 - Newsletter for International Network for Sustainable Energy - GEF - Theme (INFORSE, 1998, 16 pages)
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* Event with INFORSE participation

June 8-10, 1998

International Workshop on Combined Heat and Power and District Heating, Copenhagen, Denmark
Info: Danish Energy Agency, Amaliegade 44, 1256 Copenhagen K, Denmark.
Ph: +45-33926700, fax: +45-33114743,

June 8-11,1998

Biomass for Energy and Industry,
Würzburg, Germany
10th European Conference, Exhibition
Info: WIP, Sylvensteinstr. 2, 81369, München, Germany.
Ph: +49-89-7201235,
fax: +49-89-7201291,

June 18-22. 1998 *
1st International Workshop on Media, Environment and Citizens, European Film Collage, Ebeltoft, Denmark
Info: INFORSE Secretariat, PO Box 2059, 1013 Copenhagen K, Denmark.
Ph: +45-33121307,
fax: +45-33121308,

June 21, 1998
Info: Julie Belsten, c/o Franklin Company, 192
Franklin Road, Birmingham, B30 2HE UK.
Ph: +44-121-4594826,
fax: +44-121-4598206,

June 23-25.1998*

Environment for Europe, 4th Pan-European Conference of Environment Ministers (Århus'98), Århus, Denmark
Info: Danish Environmental Agency, Strandgade 29,1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark.
Ph: +45-32660295,
fax +45-32660296,

June 20-26,1998 *
Parallel NGO Events to Århus'98,
ECO-Forum 98 Århus, Denmark
Meetings, exhibit, INFORSE workshops
Info: OVE/INFORSE-Europe, Gl. Kirkevej 56, 8530 Hjortshøj, Denmark.
Ph: +45-86-227000, fax: +45-86-227096,

June 26,1998*
INFORSE Europe Meeting, Århus, Denmark
Info: INFORSE-Europe - See above

June 22-26. 1998
Solar Thermal Techn., Odeillo France
Info: CNRS/IMP BP 5 Odeillo, 66125 Font-Romeu Cedex, France.
Ph: +33-6830-7758,
fax: +33-4-6830-2940,

July 1, 1998
Closing Barsebäck Party, Copenhagen, Denmark
Antinuclear movement celebrating the closing of the first Barsebäck Reactor
Info: OOA, Ryesgade 19, DK-2200 Copenhagen N,
fax: +45-31356545,

July 6-10, 1998
2nd World Conference & Exhibition on PV Solar Energy Conversion Wien, Austria
Info: See at event June 8-11.

July 6-10. 1998
1st World Congress of Health and Urban Environment, Madrid, Spain
Info: TILESA OPC, S.L. c/ Londres, 17, 28028 Madrid, Spain.
Ph: +34-1-3612600,
fax: +34-1-3559208,

July 27-31, 1998
1st International Energy Conference in Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
Info: Zohrab Melikyan, Armenian Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers, str. Tigran-Mets
29a, ap 52,375018, Yerevan, Armenia,
Fax: 3742-277531 e-mail:

July 28-31,1998,
Hydro Vision 98 Reno, Nevada, USA
Exploring Our New Frontiers
Conference and Exhibition
Info: 410 Archibald St. STE 100, Kansas City Missouri 64111-9716, USA.
Fax: +1-816-9312015

August 23-28, 1998

Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Pacific Grove, California
Info: ACEEE, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, 1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 801, Washington, D.C. 20036, USA.
Ph: +1-202-29-0193, fax: +1-202-4290193,

September 2-4, 1998

Switch on to Wind Power, Cardiff
University of Wales, UK
British Wind Energy Annual Conference
Info: BWEA, 26 Spring str. London W2 1JA, UK
Fax: +44-171 4027107,

September 14-17, 1998
EuroSun'98 ISES-Europe Solar Congress, Exhibition, Portoroz, Slovenia
Info: E-NET - Centre for Efficient Use of Energy, 1000 Ljubjana, Ambrozevtrg 5, Slovenia,
Ph: +386-61-1729284,
fax: +386-61-1729283,

September 20-25, 1998
WREC 98. Florence, Italy
World Renewable Energy Congress
Info: A.A.M. Sayigh, World Renewable Energy Network, 147 Hilmanton, Lower Earley, Reading RG64HN,UK.
Ph/fax: +44-118-961-1364/-1365.

October 6-8, 1998
EEBW 98, Prague, Czech Republic
6th Energy Efficiency Business Week
International Conference & Exhibition
Info: SEVEN, Slezska 7,120 56 Prague 2, Czech Republic.
Ph: +420-2-24247552,
fax: +420-2-2424-7597,,

October 8-9, 1998
Information Technology for Renewable Energy, Birmingham, UK
Info: Julie Belsten, See at event June 21, 1998

October 14-16, 1998
REAP 98, Shanghai, China
Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition
Info: ADA, Alternative Development Asia ltd., 1406 Leader Commercial Building, 54-56 Hill-wood Road, TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Ph: +852-2574-9133,
fax: +852-2574-1997,

October 20-22, 1998
Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation for Buildings, Shanghai, China
Conference & Exhibition
Info: Rm. 1322, Bldg. 3, 1486 Nanjing Rd. (W),
Shanghai 200040, P.R. China.
Ph: +86-21-62479796,
fax: +86-21-62049481,

November 2-13, 1998
COP 4, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Info: UNFCCC, PO Box 260124, 53153, Bonn Germany.
Ph: +49-228-815-1000,
fax: +49-228-815-1999,

November 18-20, 1998

Sustainable Energy Forum, Meetings of INFORSE-Argentina & ASADES
Info: REJIMA Mario Bravo 1029 piso 4 depto A, 1175, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel/Fax: 54-1-963-0722,

November 26-27, 1998
6th Int. Symposium on Renewable
Energy Education, New Delhi, India
Info: TERI, Darbari Seth Block, Habitat Place, Loghi Road, New Delhi, 110 003, India,
Ph: +91-11-462-2246,
fax: +91-11-463-2609,