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International Network {or Sustainable Energy (INforSE) is a worldwide network of NGOs unified by a common goal - long-term sustainable energy development and a phase out of nuclear and fossil energy consumption.

INforSE was formed at the Global Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992.

Presently, 154 organiorganization are members of INforSE worldwide.


INforSE is open to membership for independent organizations.

Membership is free of charge, though voluntary contributions are welcome. INforSE has core members and associate members.

Core members of INforSE are independent organizations which support in their words and actions the energy strategy behind INforSE, "Sustainable Energy Development - Towards a World Strategy' and that are approved by their respective INforSE region. Core members have voting rights at regional meetings.

Regional Activities

In each of the INforSE regions, member organizations and the regional coordinator(s) organize regional INforSE meetings and initiatives including conferences, workshops, campaigns, and research projects.

Joint Activities

INforSE lobbies to promote sustainable energy solutions which utilise decentralised approaches. All activities seek to protect the environment and to achieve development

Workshops, statement exhibitions are also prepared for several United Nations events and their parallel NGO Fofums inch ding: the World Summit for Social Development '95, Climate Summit in Berlin'95, World Conference on Women'95, UNESCO World Solar Summit'96 and the 5th International Conference on Adult Education in 1997.

The views and initiatives of each region are presented by the coordinators at annual meetings where INforSE's global activities are planned This year, the annual meeting is in September Harare Zimbabwe

The information exchange is facilitated by the quartely newsletter "Sustainable Energy News" and the annual "Worldwide Sustainable Energy Contact List". These publications are distributed in 2,000 copies and on intrnet

INforSE launches campaigns and publishes research reports such as a colourfill campaign paper entitled "Energy for a Better Life: Sustainable Enrgy or Social Development" and Reports on EU and multilateral funding programs which can be of interest to NGOs working with sustainable energy in the third world

INforSE is publishing 4 issues of "World Solar Summit NGO Voices in English and French

The INforSE publications are free of charge for NGOs as long as possible.

INforSE is supported by the Forum for Energy and Development, Denmark which is an umbrella organisation of Danish NGOs working on development and energy issues.

Please feel free to contact us at the INforSE Secretariat, at our home page on internet (See on page no. 2) or at the INforSE regional coordinator (See in the box).