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close this bookImpact of Environmental Pollution on the Preservation of Archives and Records: A RAMP Study (UNESCO, 1988)
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View the document3.0 The nature of archive materials
close this folder4.0 The nature of pollutants
View the document4.1 Environmental pollutants
View the document4.2 Exterior gas and vapour pollutants
View the document4.3 Internal active pollutants
close this folder5.0 The nature and degradation from pollution of materials in archives
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View the document5.1 Carbohydrates
View the document5.2 Cellulose esters (nitrate and acetate)
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View the document5.4 Synthetic polymers and plastics
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close this folder6.0 Anti pollution strategies for archives
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close this folder8.0 Pollution auditing
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