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About grain

Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN) is an international foundation registered in Spain. GRAIN came into being out of a concern about the increasing loss of genetic diversity and its implications for agriculture worldwide. The overall objectives of GRAIN include:

To stimulate public awareness and concern about the vanishing resource base of agriculture.

To increase understanding of the structural causes behind genetic erosion, and its implications for the poor.

To stimulate activities and policies that lead to a better conservation of genetic diversity with a special focus on the interests of developing countries and small farmers.
To support the activities of public interest groups that are working on these issues and to facilitate communication and co-operation between them.

In order to realize these goals, GRAIN gathers and disseminates information, through publications and otherwise, brings public concern to the attention of policy makers, and lobbies for sustained activities and policies for the conservation of genetic diversity, and for the improvement of the situation of the poor. GRAIN also functions as the European contact point for the Seeds Action Network (SAN). Seedling, the bi-monthly newsletter of GRAIN, provides a regular information source on these issues. For information about our work, and for a full list of our publications, contact:


Girona 25, pral.
E-08010 Barcelona SPAIN
Telephor Tel. (34-3) 301 13 81 - Fax (34-3) 301 16 27 9767 E