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Continuing capacity building program for activists working on energy

Handbook available

The Free and Applied Internships On Renewables and Efficiency (FAIRE) was organized by the Energy Club of Hungary. It combined English teaching with energy-and NGO-management issues to improve participants' capacity to take part in international cooperation among activists.

From 1997 to 1998, 20 people from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) took part in the program in Budapest. Today, the network includes more than 50 people from CEE, CIS, and from Western European organizations.

The Energy Club is not going to organize this program on an international scale anymore. The Club has developed a handbook (hard copy, later on the web) and will travel-to help the new coordinators set up the program (depending on funds). The Club is looking for local NGOs interested in continuing the program, and will send it to them for free. If your organization is working on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other alternatives to nuclear power, you could be the next organizer of FAIRE. If you decide to organize FAIRE, you will have to manage all aspects of it, from fundraising to implementation to reporting.

Deadline: January 15,1999.
More information: Nathalie Francoeur Energy Club, PO Box 411, 1519 Budapest, Hungary.

EU Campaign for Renewables

The EU Energy Ministers have approved a "take-off campaign" for renewable energy that is under preparation by the EU Commission. The goals include:

· 10,000 MW of wind turbine capacity in EU countries (currently capacity is 5,000-6,000 MW).
· 10,000 MW of biomass-fuelled cogeneration of heat and power in the KU.
· 500,000 roofs with PV cells on institutions in the EU countries.
· 500,000 PV projects in rural areas in developing countries.
· 100 local areas/islands supplied by 100% renewable energy.

The goals are expected to be reached by 2010, and the campaign is scheduled to start in 1999. The initiative is a follow-up of the EU White Paper on Renewable Energy, December '97.

More information:

EU Access Directive for Renewables

The EU Commission is preparing a proposal for a directive on access (feed-in) for renewable energy to the electric grids. The proposal is due before Christmas and will afterwards be discussed by the EU Parliament before eventual approval by the EU Energy Ministers. This directive can give important guidelines on how to include renewable energy in the new electricity market that formally starts in February, the deadline for the implementation in national legislation of the EU Electricity Market Directive. From INFORSE-Europe, we plan to follow closely the discussions on this directive.