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close this bookCommunity Involvements (FAO Population Education Leaders Guides) (FAO, 1990)
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Basic concepts

  • Population growth affects all aspects of rural development.
  • Family size has a major impact on family and community standard of living.
  • When productive agricultural land is limited, large families tend to have a poorer standard of living than small families.
  • By waiting to have their first child, a couple has more time to develop a stable relationship and to prepare for the economic responsibilities of family life.
  • Health is vital in reaching all development objectives and production goals.
  • It is important that population-related concepts be shared with the widest possible audience both because of their importance to everyone and because the support of parents and elders is needed for the ideas taught to young people.

Note: It is suggested that the group leader also review the basic concepts of the other modules as part of the preparation for the activity of this module.