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close this bookBoiling Point No. 10 - August 1986 (ITDG Boiling Point, 1986)
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View the documentInstitutional Stoves in Kenya: The Present and Future
View the documentTwo Community Woodstoves from Gujarat
View the documentWood Burning, Institutional Stoves from Fiji
View the documentCommunity Charcoal Stoves in Dodoma—Tanzania
View the documentInstitutional Peat Stove Programme in Burundi
View the documentImproved Beer Cookers in Burkina Faso
View the documentDolo Gushes Forth
View the documentA Study on the Performance of Charcoal Stoves
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View the documentBread Ovens in Pakistan
View the documentCatch a Whiff of that Persian Bread!
View the documentBaking Practices affect Protein Quality of Flat Breads
View the documentFish Smoking on Lake Victoria
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