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close this bookBoiling Point No. 16 - August 1988 (ITDG Boiling Point, 1988)
View the document(introduction...)
View the documentMuds, clays and metals for stove making
View the documentOne Stove for all
View the documentMaterials for Mud Stoves
View the documentClay Testing for Stove Production
View the documentGhandhi Niketan Ashram Trains Potters
View the documentDevelopment of Cones for Metal Clad Stoves
View the documentThe Burmese ''One Stick Fuelwood Stove''
View the documentPromising Performance from a New Briquette Burner
View the documentSolar Cookers
View the documentNational Fuelwood Deficits Fact, Fudge or Fiction
View the documentFuelwood Crisis in Molo, Kenya
View the documentFuelwood Projects and Pre-History
View the documentImproved Bakery Ovens in the Caribbean
View the documentCooking Practices and Prospects for Improved Stoves in the Maldives
View the documentNational Fuelwood Conservation Programme
View the documentCooking Cocoons for India's Silk Industry
View the documentA Stoves Crossword Puzzle
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