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New Prospects in Solar Cooking-The GTZ Solar Cooker manual

There are so many publications about solar cookers that it would be impossible for Boiling Point to give a bibliography. Fortunately, GTZ has produced a comprehensive manual entitled New Prospects in Solar Cooking by Michael Grupp, SYNOPSYS, Route d'OImet, F-34700 LODEVE, France.

This can be obtained from GTZ/GATE, PO Box 5180, DG5277 Eschborn, Germany. Tel: +49 6196 79 3190 Fax: +49 6196 79 7352

This has three main sections:

· General options for solar cookers
· Classification and characteristics
· Catalogue of solar cookers

As can be seen from the contents list reproduced below, this 120 page publication deals with all aspects of solar cooking, technological and sociological, and in its main appendix gives a brief description of more than 100 different cookers classified by type. Each has a drawing or photograph or both and a reference for more details. The address list includes the names of the three organizations and people concerned with solar cookers throughout the world.

Anyone planning to 'invent' a new solar cooker would be well advised to study these descriptions
and address the question - what improvement would help to make the cooker more acceptable to the potential user?

New Prospects for Solar Cooking

Abstract and Introduction

1 Goals and Methods of Study
2 General Options for the Developments of Better Solar Cookers

Thermal Improvements
General Technical Improvements
User Related Improvements
Improvements in Production Technology
Dissemination and Maintenance
Financial Constraints

3 Solar Cooker Classification
4 Detailed Discussion of the Classification

Box Systems
Flat Plate Collector Systems
Vacuum Tube Collector Systems
Linear Concentrating Systems
Parabolic Concentrator and Similar Systems
Comments on the Cost Potential of Different Cooker Systems

5 Conclusions

Annex 1 Classification System
Annex 2 Solar Cooker Catalogue
Annex 3 Address List